SiBelle Boutique

While I was shopping in sunny Istanbul's streets I passed by a cute boutique so I couldn't resist and ran inside lol , and thank god I found this place it's like heaven they have the most stylish and trendy items ever
I grabbed like 4 cute dresses and went to the fitting room to try them and so my sister did , there were a sweet lady who helped us with the sizes so I settled with 2 dresses, when I came to pay my sister asked the lady about the name of the boutique so she said : "it's SiBelle ! it's my name and this's my shop" I was so amazed I fell in love with the store and I decided ever since that I'll write about it, and inshallah I'll have my own boutique in the future <3

and this is one of the dresses I bought 

So if by any chance you are in Istanbul it's a MUST to visit this place 

TEL: 0212 279 89 09
Nispetiye Cad. N0:28
Levent - Istanbul

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