Favorite Bag

We all have a favorite bag no matter how many bags we own! this one is by Marc Jacobs and it's been two years since I bought it but I still carry it like I bought it yesterday.

اعتقد كلنا عندنا شنطه مفضله مهما كان عندنا شنط في وحده لها حب خاص , اللي فالصوره من مارك جيكوبس عندي من سنتين واستخدمها كأني شاريتها قريب.


  1. good afternoon Arwa and Shahad

    beautiful bag ma sha'a Allah , how do you keep it in a good condition ?!

    may odds ever be in your favor

  2. Oh Hi Haneen thank you dear !
    maybe because I always keep it in the dust bag and when I'm at a cafe or any place I dont put it on the floor! I treat my purses as they're my babies lol :P

  3. حلوه الشنطه تحسينها تنفع لكل شي وانيقه