How To Make Your Shoes One Size Smaller

Okay I have a confession to make ! when it comes to shoe shopping I'm a bit obsessed if i liked a shoe and didn't find my size I would take 1 size smaller or a size bigger ! it's crazy I know but I made a promise not to buy a size smaller because it can make some serious damages to the foot, and now I'm trying also not to buy a size bigger. 

anyway if it happens and you own a shoe or borrowed one that's a one size bigger you can buy these comfy cushions from Aldo or any pharmacy that can do the job !

اوكي عندي اعتراف صغير لما اروح اعمل شوبينق ولقيت شوز عجبني بس مالقيت مقاسي ممكن اخذ مقاس اكبر او صغر بمقاس واحد, لكن وعدت نفسي اني اوقف اشتري مقاس اصغر لأنه تضر القدم جدا لكني قاعده احاول اوقف اني اشتري مقاس اكبر.
 إذا حصل وكان عندك شوز اكبر بمقاس واحد ممكن تجربي الكوشنز اللي تريح القدم تنباع في ألدو او اي صيدليه وراح تصغرلك.

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  1. I thought I was the only one that didn't buy my original size if I couldn't find it! *High five* Haha!