Aura | اورا

For those who don't know aura
aura is a modern home fashion brand in Panorama Mall, Riyadh 
aura offers an unmatched shopping experience across 900 square of free flowing retail space, a 3 seasonal style collections are displayed as inspirational rooms that offer complete designs solutions whilst simultaneously showcasing the flexibility of aura's mix and match philosophy, all while being the ultimate in inexpensive home fashion.
aura's concepts are Modern Classic, Edgy, Contemporary and Iconic which we to be honest don't have 
here in Riyadh

اللي مايعرف اورا 
اورا ماركه عصرية للديكور المنزلي في الشرق الأوسط, اورا تستوحي تصاميمها من اساليب التصاميم العالميه وتبتكر مجموعتها الموسمية الخاصة بوضع لمستها المميزة, فتقدم تصاميم ترضي المستهلكين الذين تستهويهم الموضه بأسعار متناول الجميع

and that's why I'm so excited to have a store like this in here
here are some of their SS12 collection 
وهذي صور لمجموعة ربيع صيف 2012

اورا - الرياض
بانوراما مول - التخصصي
ساعات العمل 
10:00 صباحا - 12:00 ظهرا 
4:00 عصرا - 11:00 ليلا

aura - Riyadh 
Panorama Mall - Takhassosi
Opening hours :
10:00PM - 12:00PM
4:00PM - 11:00PM


  1. wow i loved there stuff!!
    gotta visit them soon <3

    1. I know!! this store has exactly what I've been searching for !!

  2. I've been..... the prices are great! and the quality amazing:)

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