My Fashion Styling Course

Month ago I registered for a fashion styling course in Dubai by London College of Fashion
so last Sunday I flied to Dubai, I was super excited it was something I really wanted long time ago 

our project was to find 3 complete outfits for a model in 3 budgets "high-medium-low" in 1 hour and a half
 we sat with the model and asked her some questions and wrote down some notes and ran like crazy to the mall to search for the perfect outfits that suits the model and the event
 here are some of the pictures we took while searching

making my colour board

My certificate :P

my group's certificates, I really miss you girls <3

 I met some AMAZING girls! they're really sweet and nice and not to mention the sweetest tutor ever Polly <3


  1. am glad you did it and had fun kman :)

  2. Samaher thank you!! I knew about this courses from you !! I mentioned you in the class that you really inspired me <3 thank you again !